We are running a weekly seminar in Cambridge, led by Tim Crane. The theme for the seminar in year one was consciousness. The theme for year two is intentionality.

It is attended by the project members and visitors, as well as undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Cambridge. Here you can find the audio and slides from the seminars. You can also download them on our page on iTunesU. You can find slides from last year’s seminar here.

Year Two - Intentionality

You can find audio and slides this year’s seminar below. Simply click to reveal them.

1. Introducing Intentionality and its History (Audio & Slides)
2. Intentionality, Mental Capacities, and Brentano (Audio & Slides)
3. Intentionality in Brentano and Analytic Philosophy (Audio & Slides)
4. Brentano and the Semantic Approach to the Propositional Attitudes (Audio & Slides)
5. The Semantic Approach and Intentionality vs. Intensionality (Audio & Slides)
6. Frege's Legacy (Audio & Slides)
7. Psychologism about the Psychological (Audio & Slides)
8. Intentionality and the Objects of Thought (Audio & Slides)
9. Two Problems of Intentionality (Audio & Slides)
10. Intentionality, Putnam, and Magic (Audio & Slides)
11. Distinguishing Intentionality and Reference (Audio & Slides)
12. The Problem of Non-Existence (Audio & Slides)
13. Being, Existence, and Quantification (Audio & Slides)
14. Meinong and Meinongianism (Audio & Slides)
15. The Solution to the Problem of Non-Existence (Audio & Slides)

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