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Here is an overview of output produced by the project.


Non-physicalist Views of Consciousness

24-26 May 2016

Consciousness has been one of the stumbling blocks for physicalist theories of the mind. Much effort has been dedicated to finding the physical basis of consciousness. But how does our knowledge of the mind connect with our knowledge of the brain? Physicalist theories have struggled to give satisfactory answers to this question. In this conference we took a different turn, by investigating non-physicalist approaches to the mind. We addressed questions such as: What ontological categories do conscious phenomena belong to? Does the consciousness of sensory experience differ from that involved in thought? How is it possible to investigate consciousness without assuming physicalism? We opened up the discussion by exploring alternatives to physicalism in the philosophical and scientific study of consciousness.



18 February 2016

Suppose that immaterial things exist. Could they have causal powers? A spatial location? Could they think? In this conference we will investigate the condition of immateriality, and its relation to the self and cognition.



In a weekly project seminar, Tim Crane works through the difficulties of physicalist approaches to the mind, and lays out the available non-physicalist alternatives. For the 2015-2016 project year, the focus is on consciousness. In 2016-2017 we will focus on intentionality.

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Written work

All project publications can also be found on PhilPapers.

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